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by Karthik on September 12, 2007 · 0 comments

Cha-Ching is a fun and easy to use money manager, with a slick interface that uses advanced functionality built into OS X. Managing your Expenses can be quite tiring and time consuming. It has always been that Money Management apps out in the wild are either pure Eyecandy or are purely functional. But Cha-Ching is both Eyecandy and Functionality combined into one sleek package that anyone would love. Here are some of the features of Cha-Ching with some amazing screenshots, that you’ll fall in love with…



  • Accounts : A place for everything

Manage all of your checking, savings and credit card accounts in one, comfortable spot. Use the online tab to review your transactions side by side with your online banking account from within Cha-Ching. Or simply import your QIF files directly into Cha-Ching.


  • Bills Manager : manages your bills

Never miss a bill again. While Cha-Ching can’t make them magically vanish, the new Bill Manager keeps track of all of your upcoming bills. Create a bill with a title, due date and repeat setting, set your tags and Cha-Ching takes care of the rest.


  • Budgets : all you can spend budgets

The completely redesigned Budgets in Cha-Ching is the perfect tool to keep track of everything you are spending and earning. Simply set a couple of tag-based rules to keep track  of all of your incomes and expenses and Cha-Ching sits ready at your fingertips to compile all that data into a clear and concise overview. Plan your budgets and let Cha-Ching make sure you keep to them.



  • Smart Folders : and regular ones

Organize your money any way you want! Just like iTunes, Cha-Ching lets you create smart folders to group your data any way you want.



  • Interface : simply stunning library

Cha-Ching has been redesigned from the ground up to offer you a simple, fun and sexy way to manage your money. Try the demo and see for yourself!



So if you are a money management freak then Cha-Ching is a must have tool for you.

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