Share Internet over WiFi in Windows 7

by Karthik on November 11, 2009 · 9 comments


Windows 7 has come with many new features that are under the hood. One such feature is the native support to create Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. While the built in functionality of Windows7 does not allow you to share your internet connection over the Wireless network you create, third party tools like the very popular Connectify make this task easier and more secure. Continue Reading…


Windows XP is now over 6 years old, but it still remains Microsoft’s best ever OS in the market. Though Windows XP continues to survive after the release of Windows 7, it doesn’t imply that XP has no issues at all. Windows XP has enough of problems, but then tools like XP Quick Fix Plus makes life easier by making these problems as easy point ‘n’ click to fix it. Continue Reading…

Install Windows7 From a USB Drive

by Karthik on November 7, 2009 · 16 comments

pen drive

Are you one of those people who own a Netbook or a computer that’s without a DVD Drive? Are you looking for a simple, fast way to install Windows7 or any other Operating System from Microsoft on your Netbook? Continue Reading…


Microsoft Released Windows 7 worldwide on October 22nd. So far Windows7 has proven itself to be a successful release so far. One of the most radical changes in Windows7 has been the all new redesigned taskbar.

Though it borrows some cues from OS X, am a big fan of the new taskbar, and feel that Microsoft finally has the best solution to managing multiple windows on a clutter free taskbar. Continue Reading…

Got A New PC? Install PC-Decrapifier First!

by Karthik on September 16, 2008 · 13 comments


Just got a new PC or a Laptop? You must already be cursing the manufacturer for installing all crapware on your shiny new PC by now! worry not, there is an amazing app that will save you from all the mess and restore your PC to a shiny bliss.. Continue Reading…