Hack Attack : Preview Google Chrome OS Easily

by Karthik on December 1, 2009 · 4 comments


Google Chrome OS, the Operating System being currently built by Google for people who would like to work in the cloud has been in the wild as public test builds. It wasn’t isn’t that easy to get Google Chrome OS running on your machine keeping in mind the limited hardware support, and the relative complexity to get it installed. Continue Reading…

Preview the Next Google UI Before Anyone Else!

by Karthik on November 27, 2009 · 13 comments


Google Search Engine is a constant changing one.. Recently after the successful internal testing of Caffeine, Google has decided to deploy it in the wild starting next year. But these are under the hood changes that most of us may not notice.

But over the past few months, Google has also been secretly testing a new UI and look for the Google Search engine, which has essentially not changed much since its inception. Do you want to be one among the secret testers, to have a sneak peak of the new design?

New Google

To get this Hack Attack to work for you, you need to be using the international version of Google i.e. http://google.com/ncr and not the localized version that you are redirected to usually.

Once you are at the Google Homepage, copy the following text and paste it in the address bar as it is’ Continue Reading…

[Tool] Mozilla Plugin Check

by Karthik on November 26, 2009 · 2 comments


Browser security has become a raging debate these days, with the myriad of plugins and extensions you can install on your computer to customize your internet experience. However plugins like Java, Silverlight, Flash etc. are powerful stuff that if found vulnerable can give hackers multiple attack points targeting a huge audience.

So what Mozilla is trying to do is trying to make plugin management as easy as managing extensions in Firefox is. Though the plugin check page is limited by what it can do at the moment, it will be fully utilized starting Firefox 3.6 to update plugins just like extensions do so now.

For now the scripts on the page will check for installed plugins and compare the version of the installed plugin with the latest version that is available. At the moment some of the plugins supported are (among others) Apple Quicktime, Shockwave Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Java, Silverlight, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player plugins.

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Browser’s have come to become an inevitable part of our lives now. Almost everyday I bookmark so many websites, save new passwords, install and remove extensions. With this changes everyday I was always on the lookout for a reliable and easy backup solution to my Browser data.

Till date Firefox along with FEBE satisfied all my needs, but doing backups using FEBE wasn’t easy and had its own share of disadvantages. Also over the years Chrome, Safari also have started to contribute quite a lot to my browser share. So what do I do?

I download and run the portable app FavBackup on my machine. In short this is what FavBackup does:

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Jetpack Gallery Now Live : Mozilla Labs

by Karthik on November 12, 2009 · 3 comments


I was recently at a Hackfest conducted by IIT Madras, during Shaastra ’09. During the Hackfest I was taught how to develop Jetpacks, a project by Mozilla Labs. The Aim of Jetpacks is to make Addon development for Firefox a lot more simpler than what it already is now. Continue Reading…