The Sims 3: Springfield Town (Simpsons)

by Jack Weller on November 25, 2013

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Hello readers! Today, I have treat for you, now if you love the Sims 3 and the Simpsons as much as the Dailyapps team do, you will be pleased to know that someone has gone all out to create a full Simpsons Springfield world in accurate detail, down to the last house, with nearly all of the series iconic locations donned. The download link is in the description of the video, enjoy!


by Jack Weller on October 28, 2013


Kingdom[ is a independent minimalist strategy game created for browser play by Noio, which can be played on windows computer devices.  Does this relatively small game hold its own against the big name strategy games?

You can also play the game here! http://www.noio.nl/assets/2013-10-15-kingdom/kingdom.swf Continue Reading…


I’m a big fan of GTD (Getting Things Done!) and keeping my life as organized and structured as possible. I Currently use a simple WhiteBoard at home with Sharpie Pens to jot down everything that I need to know. I use this method simply because the GTD apps like Remember the Milk, Things for Mac are an overkill for a guy like me, and to date didn’t really find a simple web based ToDo list. Continue Reading…

Google DNS

Google seems to be getting everywhere. They are there in just about every corner of our online life, and now they have taken a step further by launching Google Public DNS. Google Public DNS aims at making the web faster for you, by using a high speed, public DNS server. Here’s what DNS does in simple words : Continue Reading…

Is Square the Next Big Thing?

by Karthik on December 2, 2009 · 4 comments

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Back in September this year when Twitter founder and inventor Jack Dorsey left the company, to a work on a new project, everyone was skeptical at best when he said ‘I came back to St. Louis to find the next thing, and I found it.’ Obviously we are aware of the Genius of a person that Jack is, so expectations are quite high. Continue Reading…