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Windows 8 reviews begin soon!

by Jack Weller on September 21, 2013


Here at dailyapps, we like to keep up to date with all the latest technology, so we have some important news for all you viewers. Starting 22nd September, we will be recording reviews and walkthroughs of apps for windows 8 on the pc! We hope you will be here checking our YouTube channel and site tomorrow!

And the Winners of the Giveaway are

by Karthik on July 29, 2008 · 6 comments

bday Creative Commons License photo credit: richie_rich2000

Alright its finally over. Yeah the birthday celebrations of Dailyapps come to an end with this post. I swear no more birthday related posts after this, and I mean serious business. Thanks to all you guys for making the birthday celebrations a huge success.

I couldn’t have been more happier to giveaway some cool goodies and ahem some surprises along the way. Dailyapps is something close to my heart and its birthday was always a very special moment for me.

Now let me just cut through the crap and reveal the names of the people who have won the goodies in the giveaway.. Alright then here we go’

5 Licenses of xplorer�� go out to :

  • Mike Ryan
  • Gustavo Leig
  • Kyle Judkins
  • Brian Lam
  • Randy

And the 10 Licenses of Mediamonkey go out to :

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Dailyapps $3500 Giveaway Roundup

by Karthik on July 27, 2008 · 7 comments

bdayCreative Commons License photo credit: richie_rich2000

Wow, what a weekend its been!! Incase you somehow missed it, Dailyapps was celebrating its first birthday yesterday and we wanted to celebrate the birthday with you guys.. Thanks to a few sponsors :( we had a few goodies to giveaway to you guys. Many of you have already entered the giveaway, but for those who haven’t there still some time left.

Remember you have till 11PM EST tomorrow (28th July) to get yourself entered in the giveaway. After that the celebrations will end, and I will contact the winners. In all the prizes are valued at nearly 3500$!! Here’s a quick roundup of what we are giving away and a link back to the sponsors who have generously offered the prize :)

  • xplorer�� – Windows Explorer Replacement – Great for both power and casual users alike who want the extra features! Windows Explorer sucks in comparison to this amazing piece of software.�� We have five licenses valued at $29.95 each to giveaway. ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE!
  • MediaMonkey ‘ The only media manager you will ever need! The ultimate music manager out there, defeats iTunes hands down There are ten licenses we have to give away worth $19.95 each. ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE!
  • PingdomThose of you who have a website of your own or plan to have a site in the future will certainly need a website uptime monitor. We have 25 Pingdom basic accounts to giveaway which is valid for one year and valued at $119.40 each. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE TO GET AN ACCOUNT!

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Over the past couple of years, the BitTorrent market has been dominated by the likes of uTorrent, Azureus and BitComet, with the three of them taking up as much as 90% marketshare. With such sort of dominance these apps we’ve not seen many alternative solutions in the past few years.

Common sense says that it might be next to impossible for a new app in this field to play catch up with the major three, but the newcomer on field Halite (named after a mineral) might just stand a chance.

Halite has been in development since 2006, and over the years it has become a fast, full fledged lightweight BitTorrent client. One of the greatest strengths of Halite is that it uses minimal system resources. If you thought uTorrent was already lightweight, then correct yourself because Halite consistently uses up half the resources that uTorrent uses on my PC.

Halite supports all the basic features the average downloader would need including encryption, selective downloading, a torrent creator and more. At the moment there is no support for disk caching, seeding preferences and torrent queuing, but these and others are on the to do list, which means they will be implemented in the future.

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Posting Will Be Light This Week

by Karthik on March 15, 2008 · 5 comments

Hi Guys, My hands are full this week with exams in college and some other activities. Which means I will not be able to post regularly this week. Normal posting should resume by the next monday.

Karthik Kastury