12 Apps of Christmas: App 5

by Jack Weller on December 15, 2013


Cookie Clicker is a click-based app game for the iOS and Android devices in which the player must create as many cookies as possible by repeatedly clicking the oversized cookie placed in the center. As the game progresses, the player may trade in their cookies for upgrades to increase the output without additional clicks. Once users reach certain cookie milestones, the message on the top of the page changes.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Unboxing

by Jack Weller on November 11, 2013


Check out our latest unboxing bideo here!

HTC Desire Unboxing

by Jack Weller on November 10, 2013


The HTC Desire was the first android smartphone by HTC in the desire series, for your viewing pleasure, we recently got a new one to review android apps on and compare to the modern day android smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy s3.

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Doodle Jump

by Jack Weller on October 12, 2013


Doodle Jump at release was probably in the running for one of the greatest apps ever made at launch, however, does the app still hold a place on your mobile device several years on, or has this golden oldies time come?

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Into The Dead

by Jack Weller on April 23, 2013


Into the Dead is an endless runner that plays with zombie survival aspect’s in a 1st person prespective. The developers - PikPok have crafted these three aspect together to create a very different experience, however does this trio allow the app to stand out in a genre with mega competition?

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