by Jack Weller on January 3, 2014

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Our second app of 2014 happens to be the 2nd app in a series of apps by apptly!

Beardify is yet another simple little app by Apptly, only this time available for free, the app allows its user to select whatever image they want, whether they took it months ago or that very second, and make the person in it grow a beard, which sort of beard is down to you, the app gives you a very small selection however, with other more attractive options being available as in app purchases, the picture is then animated humorously to great affect, other then that, there is not much else that can be said about this app, it does exactly what it aims to do.

Whilst apptly may be better off making a universal app for all of these different features, this individual effort seems to be a worthwhile download, try it out!

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