AFP for iPhone and iPod Touch

by Karthik on November 12, 2007 · 3 comments


The Super iPhone Hacker Core has completed the implementation of AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Advantage of this software lies in the fact that you can connect to your iPhone and it shows up as a disk with full read/write permissions.

Installing AFP isn’t a straightforward method. It currently involves quite a bit of Manual setup because its not available yet on Well here is how you need to configure your iPhone to be AFP ready,

  • Use SFTP to copy the tar file into /opt/iphone
  • Extract the archive on your iPhone or touch–the tar archive program is part of the BSD program; use tar xvf name-of-archive.tar–and run /opt/iphone/afp/ &.
  • Restart when done.
  • Open Finder and Choose Go > Connect to Server
  • Enter afp://your_ip as the address. Replace your IP with the actual local IP address of the iPhone on your Mac.
  • Enter your User id (root) and password (alpine).
  • You should now see your iPhone or iPod in the Finder.

Now that you have the iPhone or the iPod as a disk, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Adding applications is a breeze, just drop them into the Applications folder, or if you want to backup your personal settings copy the /var/root/Library. Well this is just awesome, I tried this on my cousin’s iPod Touch and it worked like a charm.

Head over to Core’s website to grab AFP. Just make sure that you download the one for Registered Users.


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