2 Fingers 1 Brain

by Jack Weller on July 29, 2014


2 Fingers 1 Brain is a new innovative gaming experienced designed to test the best gamers, will you be able to master the challenge of beating two simple on screen games at once?

Each of the mini games in 2 fingers 1 brain are stupidly easy, they require a simple glance, with instructions there for all to see, and a simple tap of the finger to complete, however, put two of them on screen at once, and a cap for the amount of mistakes you are alowed to make, and the task becomes an unpleasant, yet addictive one. You are allowed to get 5 minigames wrong before its game over, and when you see the challenges, you would honestly think how anyone with a brain cell could get them wrong, but when it comes to actually trying to decipher and differentiate between two at the same time, the difficulty steps off quickly.

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