100 Balls

by Jack Weller on May 1, 2014


The free smash hit mobile game is finally top of the iTunes store (April), but is it worthy of getting onto your device? Find out in the review!


100 Balls is one of those games that come long only once in a while. Remember when flappy bird came out, and it was a totally new addictive experience that no one had received before, it was fresh, exciting, and most important fun. And that’s exactly what 100 Balls is!

Your purpose is to fill moving cups with falling balls. To open the po that releases the balls, you simply press the screen, the longer you press, the longer the pot will stay open! Filled cups will return balls to the pot. Empty cups will be unhooked from the moving chain. The game ends when all balls or cups are lost. Each level speeds up the cups. On higher levels cups will change colour. Coloured cups produces higher value coloured balls. The longer you remain in the game, the more points you receive. The score based system the app incorporate makes a mean addictive game.

Its no only the game-play mechanics which makes this game so good, the entire look of the app latches to the theme of iOS7, which leans the app towards a near perfect beautiful display, and the pumping music soundtrack also helps just add to the already loveable experience.

Get this app while its at the top of its game, so you don’t miss out on the mobile industry next biggest game!


The Score:
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